The first step is to meet with our office to see if bankruptcy is a possibility given your specific circumstances. Folks tend to get in trouble by filing when they should not have as this could cause them to lose certain assets. Once you dip your toes into the bankruptcy court it is very difficult if not impossible to get out of the mess. Once an attorney determines bankruptcy is in your best financial interests there are some basic practical concerns.

Gather all of your monthly billings and documentation of litigation you are facing. In turn Mohave Law will pull your credit report to make sure we have a good understanding of all of your debts. You will need to complete our intake packet so we can ascertain your budget since this factors into your eligibility for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The intake form also lets us see the various assets to be considered in filing or not.

We will direct you to a couple of vendors from which you can chose to perform your credit counseling online. This counseling normally takes about an hour and a half and the vendor will give you proof of completion which we will attach to your bankruptcy petition. Once we verify the accuracy of your bankruptcy petition which is usually around 40 pages, we will upload it with your permission to the court electronically.

Shortly after the petition is filed the court will set a meeting of creditors. If you live in Mohave County the meeting is conducted in Bullhead City, Arizona. This is the case whether you live in Bullhead City, Kingman, Lake Havasu City or elsewhere in Mohave County. If you live in Phoenix, Arizona, then your bankruptcy is filed in Maricopa County and the meeting is in downtown Phoenix. At this hearing the Trustee conducts a meeting to make certain your bankruptcy petition is accurate and to get an idea of any assets you may have that are not exempt from the bankruptcy estate. Normally the Trustee is following up on items they have already seen listed in your bankruptcy petition.

In the usual Chapter 7 case the discharge or relief from your debts is granted 60-75 days after the meeting of creditors. The bankruptcy is still open and is normally closed within a year.

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What to Expect When Filing For Bankruptcy