Bankruptcy may not be right for you. Your first step is to meet with our office to see if bankruptcy is a possibility given your specific circumstances. Once an attorney determines bankruptcy is in your best financial interests there are some basic practical concerns, detailed throughout our site.

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A Chapter 7 is a total liquidation of your debt, the goal of which is to provide a fresh start with ones finances. There are income limitations to qualify for a Chapter 7, but the amount of money you are permitted to make and still file bankruptcy is surprisingly high.

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Chapter 13 is designed to lower the payments on all of your debts with the goal of repaying most of your creditors. A plan is submitted to the court and approved if it appears you will be able to make the same payment every month which will be disbursed to service all of your debt.

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Based in Kingman, AZ and serving Mohave County, Mohave Law gives experienced legal counsel in the areas of wrongful death, medical malpractice, bankruptcy, civil litigation, and accident & injury. Set up a Free Consultation and decide if Bankruptcy is right for you.

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Mr. Lundberg is an honest, knowledgeable, and forthcoming attorney. He was readily available to answer questions and guide us through the process. He cares about his clients and his profession. I highly recommend Mr. Lundberg's legal services!
Mr. Lundberg was very forth coming and honest. He helped me out tremendously on my bankruptcy case. Mr. Lundberg kept my wife and myself, up to date on what was going on in the way of communication between the parties involved.

Chapter 13 Client